This Level 1 qualification is designed to provide candidates with a basic knowledge relating to health, safety and welfare in the workplace. The emphasis is on making the individual safe for him/herself, safe for others and capable of identifying potential hazards.

A lack of knowledge or a careless attitude can lead to accidents but with Health and Safety training to increase awareness of the risks and possible dangers shared environments can be made much safer for everyone.


Understand The Importance Of Health And Safety And Welfare

  • How the duties of employers contribute to a healthy and safe workplace
  • How the duties of employees contribute to a healthy and safe workplace
  • Workplace welfare arrangement

Know How Hazards And Risks Are Controlled In The Workplace.

  • How hazards and risks contribute to workplace risk assessments
  • Importance of workers following procedures at work.
  • How to use methods for controlling risk in the workplace

Be Aware Of The Main Cause And Effects Of Poor Health And Safety

  • Main causes of workplace injury
  • Main causes of workplace ill-health
  • Reasons why accidents occur
  • Effects of accidents at work
  • Need to report accidents and near misses at work

Understand How Health And Safety Information is Communicated in the Workplace

  • Safety signs and signals found in the workplace
  • Sources of health and safety information found in the workplace
  • Importance of workers notifying health and safety concerns to their employer

This is a short programme usually delivered over one day with a multiple-choice examination that consists of 20 questions to be answered in 30 minutes at the end of the day. To achieve the certificate candidates must get 13 correct answers.


Our trainer Ursula Walsh BSc, MSc, PG Dip Acoustics, PG Dip Occupational H&S, ICDL, PdChep. Ursula Walsh is a Chartered Environmental Health Practitioner with 16 years experience as a practitioner in various UK and NI Councils. He has over 20 years experience delivering training on courses such as food safety, health and safety and environmental awareness. Ursula has also worked as a Health and Safety Inspector with the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland.

For the cost of any of this course email your query with contact details to Siofra O’Reilly at Sort Training on email address or phone on 07757 250 917.