There have been a lot of changes in the Licensed Trade within the last number of years and not least amongst these has been the changes to the liquor licensing laws with more still to come.  In addition to this there is now a Responsible Retailing Code of Practice for the sale and promotion of alcohol  and there have also been new Alcohol Guidelines issued in January 2016 .  Licensees and staff of pubs and clubs can now attend a training programme to keep up to date with all these new regulations and the Code of Practice standards for responsible alcohol retailing . The Counter  Measures course provides this up to date information.

Counter Measures has been designed  for pubs, clubs hotels and licensed restaurants and is a short one day course. This course covers not only the potential harm of excessive alcohol consumption but also it is designed to make bar staff aware of all their new legal duties within the licensed environment of a pub,  club or hotel bar.

The key message of this course is that sometimes as responsible alcohol retailers, bar staff have to say ‘no’ to customers.  This course guides them through the why, when and the how of responsible alcohol retailing to enable them to carry out their duties safely in a manner that is both safe for them and their customers.

The Counter Measures course recognises that there are additional pressures on bar staff today who are operating in a controlled environment which is becoming increasingly more controlled and regulated.  Added to these pressures bar staff are also faced with challenging customer behaviour due to modern drinking trends. All these pressures are taken into consideration on this course.

There is a short multiple choice assessment at the end of the course and participants are given a handbook to take away with them.  Certificates are awarded to all participants who are successful in their assessment.

This programme is suitable for all levels of staff working in bars, clubs, hotels and licensed restaurants and is also beneficial for people hoping to work in these areas for the first time

Counter Measures Course Outline

Unit 1 Legal Responsibilities

Unit 2 Alcohol Awareness

Unit 3 Responsible Bar Service – The Four Key Rules and how to put them into practice

Unit 4 Dealing with Aggressive Customers


“I found the course very informative and very relevant to my job – would recommend. “f.’

” I am now more informed about the current rules and legislation. I will be able to use the information I have received to train my staff. ”

” I found today’s course very informative and relevant to my job. I will recommend this course to fellow employees within my hotel. ”

” Very good. will be using course in the future for our staff. well done! ”

“I’ve been on many courses through my work for various things and I just want to say this has been the best. Very impressed. Very interesting, informative and insightful. Thank you”

“Good insight into the issues that often arise in the bar. Concise ”

” Very helpful , a lot more to bar work than I thought! ”

For the cost of this course email your query with contact details to Siofra O’Reilly at SORT  Training on email address or phone 07757 250 917